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The Bird's Nest



The Bird’s Nest is answering our kneads.

We are spreading our wings—much to do and Bird & Jim has only so much space.


The Bird’s Nest is giving us all a bakery & cafe, pizzeria, event space and space for cooking and wine classes.


Your Event at

The Bird’s Nest — Eat Together

Our second story is specifically designed to host your special occasions from weddings and rehearsals, family reunions to corporate events.

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Artisan breads, tasty treats, cakes, pies, pastries baked fresh daily. Order your special cake today.

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Bakery & Cafe

"I never laugh until I've had my coffee"

- Clark Gable


Catered by The Bird's Nest

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Cooking Classes


by Chef & Team


From butchery, high altitude baking to homemade pasta, simple broths and complicated sauces we will be hosting cooking class once a month at The Bird’s Nest.

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Monthly Wine Classes with sommelier John Witmer


Regions, terroir, vineyards, soils, wine making, tasting, deductive tasting, history.

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Pairing Dinners & Classes


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The Bird's Nest

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1221 High Drive

Estes Park, CO 80517

7 Days a Week

6am - 4:00pm Coffee Shop, Breads & Pastries (while supplies last)
6am -  11:30am Breakfast Items
11:30am - 8:30pm Panini, Pizz
a, Soup & Salad